Future of Real Time On-Demand Taxi Solutions

With the changing needs and advancement in the technology, people have shifted to asking for on-demand transportation services, which means that they want flexible routing with ad-hoc scheduling. The best part about on-demand transport is that they are able to hire any type of small or medium vehicle that is responsible to pick them up from one place and drop at another location. The transportation is a combination of public and private services where, the general public is able to enjoy a personal transport experience with on-demand vehicles offered by the private companies.

Normally, the concept of on-demand transportation is associated with the taxi industry that is solely working for the general public and allows them to find a perfect vehicle according to their needs. The concept is also applied on private taxis or small charter vehicles where, people use respective companies’ websites or applications to hire a transport. Whether it is airport transfers or guided tours, there are all types of vehicles to meet their needs.

The trend of real-time on-demand services is growing and it is expected that the future is going to be full of convenience and comfort for the passengers. The most important catalyst of change is the innovative communication and information technology that are responsible for stimulating the rate, thus increasing operational efficiency, safety of passengers and cost effectiveness. With emerging technologies, it means that people can use book-and-track taxis, ride-sharing business models and smartphone applications. Their use is limited by resources, commitment, capability and regulatory frameworks and their ability to simplify user experience is the most influential factor for people to go with real time on-demand taxi services.

The taxi industry strives to facilitate all types of passengers- whether they are students, business associates, teachers, doctors or even, people with disabilities. Their transportation services are equally dedicated for all of them and with their on-demand taxis, disabled people are in a better position to travel. With this feature, the future of taxi industry is really bright and after the introduction of driverless vehicles, there would be nothing impossible for them!

The impact of change in technology and modification in travelling experience cannot be anticipated until there are supporting laws that work as a back-up for the taxi companies to keep offering their services. In order to ensure that the cities, they are operating in, allow them to continue their services, there has to be laws that encourage companies to keep on innovating their services while ensuring integrity and safety of the passengers. For this, there are four reforms proposed by the taxi industry experts:
• Simple Approach: Creating a piece of legislation that supports all types of on-demand taxi services.
• Improvement in Service Quality: Creating a comprehensive licensing framework that brings focus over the quality, efficiency and safety of vehicles, instead of the services offered in the taxi industry.
• Ensuring Accountability: Making the companies as well as drivers accountable for offering on-demand taxi services.
• Maintaining Accountability: By explaining the power and role of the regulator along with possible penalties, the companies and drivers are liable to comply with industry standards or else, they would have to meet the consequences.

The future of real time on-demand taxi services depends upon the efficiency and effectiveness of the taxi companies because if the companies comply with industry rules and regulations and the city laws are in their favor, passengers will be able to enjoy their ride and would help the industry to grow bigger.

Autonomous Trucks in the Transportation Sector – Soon, Very Soon My Friend

Union Truck Drivers be forewarned, your days of steady employment are numbered, within a couple of decades those jobs may not exist at all? You may not even be able to get a job with Uber at that point. You see, autonomous trucks are real and this technology is almost ready NOW. Personally, I say bring it to market immediately – we need it. Just about everything is brought by truck, imagine those costs being reduced, let’s talk shall we?

Not long ago we were discussing this at our think tank and Jordan Watson states; “There are still quite a few barriers to overcome:

– Infrastructure
– Legislation
– Insurance
– Manufacturer liability
– Public adoption

Yes, the technology and concept is ready, the critical paths are not. My estimate is that autonomous mode will become a FEATURE in the next 5-8 years, from there, it comes down to those 4 key points being fully reconciled on how quickly it accelerates from there.”

Agreed, Jordan is correct, and it is amazing isn’t it how fast it is all unfolding. Like the Rail Industry, Airline Sector there will be much opposition in Trucking from unions. Still, the overall increase in inefficiency and cost will mimic a massive tax cut in the trucking industry as all that labor will be cut so drastically, it also gives much advantage to the big boys – J.B. Hunt, Wal-Mart Distribution, FED EX ground, etc. This lowering of cost will be like a shot of adrenaline in the economy since everything we buy, rent, trade comes by truck at least part of the way during its journey to market. Lowered transportation and distribution costs will definitely help the economy even if the phase in is between now and 2025.

As far as the progression, the technology is ready as we both agreed. The only challenge now is “FEAR”, unions, politics, lawsuits, and risk-reward decision matrix executives and bureaucrats. Freightliner, Volvo Trucks, Peterbuilt, Kenworth, etc, all have programs and the technology, I see the problem more-or-less as Jordan does, and liken it to the use of commercial UAVs and the FAA getting their act together so we can order a Pizza or Frappachino and have it delivered to the balcony of our home. If you’d like to discuss this topic more, I am all in. The future of transportation is coming, Please consider all this and think on it.

Providing Efficient Heavy Equipment Transportation Services

Heavy equipment transportation services, also known as overweight shipments, demand careful planning to ensure safety and on-time delivery. Overweight shipments demand attention to details, and it makes sense to work with a trucking company that is familiar to working with heavy haul requirements including equipment, safety, and permits.

Depending on the type of industries, there is specialized heavy haulage transportation solutions available. Some of the typical loads that are carried by heavy shippers include the following.

  • Houses
  • Offshore Decks
  • Mega Yachts
  • Giant Boilers
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Pre-Fabricated Modules
  • Construction Equipment
  • Power Transformers

If the business need requires moving huge loads (it is not unusual to find working with 2,000-ton objects), it would do well to work with an industry leader that has enough experience in hauling and transporting immense loads requiring special permits and specific escort services.

Modern Equipment And Skilled Professionals

A good heavy shipping company will own different kinds of equipment that make use of the latest technological advances for their efficiencies and ease. For guaranteed safe arrival of heavy haulage, the trucking company should have:

  • State-of-the-art technological equipment in excellent working conditions
  • Skilled professionals in heavy freight shipping
  • Certified equipment and operators complimenting with the required regulations

When selecting a heavy transport company, ask about compliance requirements, industry standards, and training certifications. A trustworthy company will not hesitate to share the information with you.

Costs, Fees, And Charges

The fees charged for heavy haulage can sometimes turn out to be a complex affair. The cost comprises of loading, unloading, permit applications, and escort labor and service charges. Working out the cost of haulage can turn out to be a massive task unless a team of experienced professionals does the job of calculating the cost involved.

Service Solutions For Any Challenges

When dealing with heavy transportation of goods, there are a number of services that may be required to design and execute the operation. This includes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Road Closures
  • Traffic Management Officials
  • Police Escorts
  • Liaison With Government (Local or National) Departments

There are a good number of steps that need to be considered well and requirements to be followed. It is important that the team that is working on heavy haulage should have a detailed knowledge of the different rules, regulations, and laws involved. The team must be meticulous in planning and consider all the possible scenarios that could crop up as part of project management.

Integrating Technology With Transportation

Transportation when integrated with Technology shall redefine what mobility is for the coming century. The Transportation system is just beginning to experience a huge transformation and very soon, in this era of modernization, technology is sure to take over this field.

“A country’s economy is directly linked to its transportation system, its efficiency, reliability.”

And the way it progresses to meet the demands, because transportation is just so important for commerce. Transportation is vital to a nation’s economy.

For a country, growing at this rate, the demands grow exponentially, a challenge to be tackled by the industry. But the current scenario projects people unaware of the growing demands and not so able to successfully face this opportunity. New technologies are emerging to face these challenges.

Advancement in technology plays a very important role in shaping transportation system and new technologies for on-road transportation are a way to look at the brighter side.

Technology bridges the gap and channelizes the system of transportation, which increases their connectivity.

An effective transportation system is the key. That includes, creative use of technology, reduction of cost to transport, improving business, saving loads of time and still being profit for the service provider.

Technology will act as a check on a lot of things.

This will prevent overloading of goods into the truck, which in turn saves the life of the driver and many others. This will also keep an eye on the quality of trucks henceforth making the roads and environment safer. We can also ensure that underage boys don’t turn into drivers. The quantity of goods also can be monitored, this means the factory is also being checked, indirectly. There would be very less scope for any malfunction, in any possible way.

The era of greedy and selfish contractors, who don’t care about safety will soon be done. They will have to regularly check the condition of the truck and strive to maintain it under the optimal conditions.

Moreover, the greater ease in transportation will have a huge positive impact on quality of life and commerce for customers, industries and also the transporters.

Technology will continue to play an essential role in how we move goods for a very long time to come.

Transportation/Trucking is a sector that requires ingenuity for today and vision for the future.Logistics and transportation is a growing field, one that will not plateau. Companies are always seeking faster and better ways to get product to market and on consumers’ shelves or in their driveways.

Truckway welcome you to the new phase of techno- transportation!

A country’s economy is directly linked to its transportation system, its efficiency, reliability, and the way it progresses to meet the demands, because transportation is just so important for commerce. Transportation is vital to a nation’s economy.

Professional Chauffeur Services – A Smart Way for Airport Transportation

Professional airport transport services are very convenient, because they allow you reach your flights or hotel rooms on time. The vehicles used by these limo services are generally well maintained, and you won’t have to worry about vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

There are many companies that provide this service, but you will need to find the right ones to serve you the best.

Good experience

Go through the websites of a few popular companies, and choose the one that has good experience and reputation in the field. Before hiring a cab, check their user reviews too. This will help you know if there are any negative remarks about the operator. Most of these service providers have attractive websites, but that does not mean that they all are good. So, choose wisely.

Vehicles used

Information about the vehicles available would make you more comfortable while using their services. Go for the operator that has new vehicles and different models, so that you can get a good number of choices.

The type of vehicle you choose is also depended on the number of passengers travelling. The operator must be able to provide a vehicle accordingly, keeping in mind everyone’s comfort. Moreover, some good companies also provide means of entertainment like portable TV sets in a car. Such facilities relax your mind and make your journey peaceful.

Professional services

You need to be aware of the companies that do not provide you with the upfront cost. Check all their rates and pricing policies. Any honest company would be straightforward about their pricing and services. You don’t want to be a victim of any foul play and waste your money. Check for all the details before spending your money.

Find a professional airport transfer service that uses experienced chauffeurs to transport passengers. The chauffeurs must be very polite, well dressed, punctual and knowledgeable about different routes.

Airport transfer services are beneficial in many ways

  • You can easily focus on work in hand instead of struggling with the traffic. Your work can be easily completed while you get to your destination.
  • This service reduces stress. We all are tensed when we have a flight to board. Using this service you can easily reach the airport without any stress.
  • It leaves a good professional image when a business person arrives at the airport with their own designated driver. It portrays a good impact on your clients at the airport.
  • They will also pick you up from your office or home and would drop you safely at the airport, reducing the efforts you put in to walk to the terminal from the car parking lot.

Find the right professional airport transfer service, as it is very convenient to travel with well trained drivers. You will get to your destination without any delays.